Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New Kid on the Block. Well, I'm actually almost 30, but...

Greetings from the "Jerry Springer", er, "Sunshine" State!!! Hi, I'm the new guy that will be posting here now and again along with my homie Sean (what up Danielzz!). I'd like to use my very first post to extend a big merci beaucoup to blogger for this unbelievably cherry service that they provide to us who wish to share our thoughts and/or be heard. I don't quite know what I intend to write about or how often (world politics and other sticky subjects semi-regularly, I reckon). But one thing I do know is that I intend to talk about very sweet and totally kool topics from time to time that may be useful, in some way, to some of you, or for just late nite brain candy, I suppose. **warning** I do not promise not to bore. Later for now.

Sean Adds: Welcome, Tominator! I'm sure that I speak for all three of our readers when I say "May your loins be full of fruit, and may that fruit be sweet!"

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