Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iraqi Election Countdown...

More and more of my lefty compadres are now showing some sort of sympathy for the Iraqi plight--no I don't mean the so-called torture that Americans are inflicting upon the "freedom fighters". The plight of which I speak is the plight of those who wish to cast votes in peace. Never before have we seen such a vicious attack on the democratic rights of a people. But the people will speak and to argue that many will be "disenfranchised" (the Sunni) is to argue that the majority of Iraqis wishes are invalid. So some will not be able to vote. Does that mean that first Arab-Shiite political majority is invalid? Was the reelection of Lincoln invalid because the South by and large did not vote? Or are all elections before 1960 invalid because of a racist and sexist society that did not allow women or people of color to vote? So was FDR illegitimate?

Democracy has always been an unfair, unwieldy form of rule. It also is the least unfair and unwieldy form of governance. I'll paraphrase Churchill (for street cred); Democracy is by far the worst form of government--except all the rest.

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