Monday, January 24, 2005

Iraqi Election Countdown, Six days.....

"What good has ever come of war?"... "If we just build a giant peace dove out of paper mache, or a bush-devil pinata with a red face"... "We all know who the real fascist is"..."What about Nicaragua, or Chile?"... "No WMDs! Ha,Ha,Ha...WMD...WMD... Did I mention WMD?"

Okay, Marv. Focus for a second. We are talking about Iraq, not Iran contra or Pinochet. Iraq, man, Iraq. That being said, if you ruly are about the people, then why every people on Earth but Iraq? Save your answer for your friends at the juice counter at Wild Oats, Marv. In the meantime, the real "Most Important Election of our Lives" happens in six days. Now that you know you can't stop it, your only hope is to discredit it. Strange how eager and willing people are to sacrifice for the chance to vote in this "illegitimate" election. But be mindful, my fine peace-loving friend, of this guy and thousands of others like him who are eager to avenge the dead and maimed in their families in the only peaceful way we know: the election of their leaders. This act contains in it a power that rivals all of the brutal oppression that enslaved the people of Iraq. Would you travel across timezones for the right to vote? I know you'll travel across timezones to see Phish, but that doesn't count.

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