Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq speaks... Nathan is Born...

If you didn't nearly cry at the site of people dancing, singing and celebrating in the streets of Mesopotamia today, I can bet that you have no heart beating in your chest. In it's place is probably a nice square of Roquefort Papillon with a rind of wheatgrass, forged in the moist cool caves of Cambalou. Seriously folks, all Frenchy jokes aside, I nearly lost it on more than on occasion today thinking of this election, which is the purest revenge and the most powerful repudiation of Saddam to be had for the Iraqis. It made me truly proud of the vote I cast in November. More proud than any vote I have ever cast. I don't see it as too far of a stretch to say that the election of November begat the election of January.

Perhaps I'm a sappy sod. Or maybe the true weight of today was driven home this morning as I sped to the hospital, listening for any news I could about the polls in Babylon, Mosul, Kirkuk and the rest. I was racing the clock for the birth of my nephew Nathan to my sister Christina and her partner of a decade Aime. I missed the real action, but that doesn't mean anything. As I held this new perfect being in my arms (my 26th niece or nephew!!), I couldn't help but reflect upon the sheer revolutionary aspect of this new arrival. Christina and Amie are one of many stable, healthy Gay couples in America who are changing the way families are formed. But this to me is not about gay/straight or any of the bullshit posturing involved with that current public squabble. Today, my sisters broke themselves of the conventions of society. Nathan was born into a union as committed and healthy as any I know. It wasn't intended as some significant statement, or political manifesto. It was an act of love, the logical extension of themselves.

So too have the Iraqis spoken. I doubt there where many who voted who fully comprehend the international implications of their actions. I doubt many see that the only recent parallel to be drawn is the fall of the Wall in '89. The dominoes started falling more rapidly then than they probably will now, but there is no other event I can think of that has the potential to affect vast swaths of humanity. The planting of personal choice into what is the geographic heart of the Caliphate has to be viewed by the despots and Mullahs as the ultimate challenge to "pure" Islam. Despite the efforts of the useful idiots in the press to mislead us as to the nature of "pure" Islam, we can now see that the claims against "the imposition of Western-style Democracy" (as if we are speaking of barbecue sauce) ring hollow against the backdrop of millions of women voting in Islamic regions. Who thought the insane-left-clown-posse's admonition that we are "forcing Democracy down the throats of indigenous people with no interest in our form of BLAH FUCKING BLAH..", would be proven not only wrong, but epochly stupid.

I would like to add to Thomas's eloquent message to the so-called progressives. If you can't see the importance of this election to the cause of peace, not only do you have fancy cheese in place of a heart, but you also have fine wine (Lefitte '82, anybody?) for brains. The ability to connect dots was never a strongpoint for the left. Everything is abstract. We don't simply eat, we consume the flesh of innocent animals. We don't drink, we suck the blood of innocents world-wide. We don't go to work to earn a living, we go to work to further our lavish consumption. We don't go to war to free those tortured for millennia, we go to war for oil (as if we wouldn't have taken it long ago).

Maybe it's inappropriate to lump these two events together, but both these things happened today, and both affected me deeply...And this is my blog. Maybe there's not an analogy there, after all Chris and Aime aren't recognized as a union in today's America, but isn't it ironic that Nathan's birth could not possibly have occurred in old Iraq. Perhaps never in new Iraq either, but the people will make that call now.

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