Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq election message

Of all the possible things I wish to say on what is a glorious day to millions, I am choosing to write an open letter to a certain "special" audience. I shall choose the words of my opening sentences carefully:
Hey Shitwads!! Yes, those who choose to play politics with the destiny of the Iraqi people and never hesitate to voice any belittlment to America's efforts there--no matter how low or nihilistic--Eat Shit Babayyyy!! Yeah, it's not real democracy they're getting because we're forcing it on them, huh. Yeah, well tell that to the 72% of Iraqis who seem to believe it is by voting under the threats of killers, knowing they could have died doing it. NOW try telling them, that despite their tears and songs and defiant rejoicing in the streets, that it doesn't mean anything and that it's all a sham. Well, I think if they could all be here with me posting this, they would join with me in telling you to go and choke on your own DONGS--all the while flipping you the most awesome, meaningful bird in the history of the bird, the one with the voter ink on it! Today, your purposful sowing of despair about everything Iraq to obstruct the democratic process there and psych out the people of the world (particularly americans) from supporting it, meant absolutely nothing. Today, your words were empty. So now I give to you the words of O'Rourke, which couldn't be more appropriate than today, to hopefully learn your vain asses a good, much needed lesson--Ideology, politics and journalism, which luxuriate in failure, are impotent in the face of hope and joy.
--End of message to "shitwads".

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