Friday, January 14, 2005

International law? What international law?

Disclaimer; please excuse the overbearing use of the "Chomsky Scare Quote(tm)" in the following commentary.

As the proud owner of an ill-gotten high school diploma, I feel qualified, even over-qualified to make the following statement: the Belgian model of law, complete with full consideration of the "human rights" of known child slaughterers, concubine takers, and jew skinners, and it's unspoken purpose of countering the American scourge of KKKapitalism is as Woody Allen would say, "the Zenith of Mongoloid Reasoning".

Take into consideration the world-wide law movement's accomplishments of the previous year. In the Darfur region of Sudan, as many of you already know, the international body recognized by Belgians world-wide as the sole arbiter of justice on Earth and the cosmos, has sprung into life saving action. What action you might ask? The action of discussing whether or not genocide is happening (currently not). Believe it or not, but that's exactly where the World Body stands today. After months of slaughter, the UN is seriously considering the serious use of that serious word. Thank God (or Allah, or Mother Earth, or Che)! Now if we can just get them to stop raping little girls for a moment, then we could get them to focus their vast enterprises on the incredible destruction wrought upon our brothers and sisters in and around the Indian ocean. As of this writing, UNICEF have had all sorts of urgent meetings in fancy hotels about the destruction. They've even made really serious statements about the destruction, and we know how effective statements are (see Sudan).

No doubt, says Piere or Jan, America and it's fascist puppet-states should have learned their lesson about the build-up of the military-industrial complex. But he forgets how usefull things like helicopters, advanced communications, fast-deploy troops, water stills, portable hospitals and the like are in true human emergency situations. Just ask just about any soul in the affected areas which color of helmet they see on those passing out rice. It probably isn't Blue.

Just as as wonderful as their impressive "humanitarian" abilities is the nack they have for lining the pockets (to the tune of tens of billions) of such human rights luminaries as Hussein and Arafat while their people literally withered. Perhaps the question should be rephrased; "Now, how do you suppose Arafat become a multi-billionaire, Klaus? Was he selling antiques?" Current Arab leadership have bluggeoned an entire generation into reflexively lashing out at Israel and the United States for all of their woes. This gives them the leverage they need to excersize control over the population, while at the same time robbing them blind.

But, what is the ultimate proof of the "effectiveness of World law"? As the result of years of coddling by the entire international cast (including the U.S. and excluding Israel), Iran, India, Pakistan, North Korea, China, possibly Saudi Arabia, possibly Syria, formerly Libya (no thanks to those cowboys out west), and a number of countries to be discovered later, are nuclear. That is the ultimate gift from the United Nations to you and your posterity. In fact, it is the gift that keeps on giving : the gift of shining reflective skin that disintegrates on contact. The gift of dorsal fins for your great-great grand children (if you happened to be underground for the initial hit). Best of all, the gift of the most beautiful sunset in the history of the world. And as you enjoy that sunset, say a prayer of thanks for the everlasting wisdom of Brussels.

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