Wednesday, January 12, 2005

In from the wilds....

Hello, friends. Here lies the blog INFDL. Let us considerate it partly to mostly dead from the beggining so as to achieve two goals:

Goal #1- To immediately lower expectations. As a chronic underachiever (and horrible speller/typist as you will soon enough find out), I sometimes find it difficult to, what's the word... "function". In fact, I sometimes find it difficult to, oh, what's the word... "wipe properly". You get the rather vivid picture. I'm a class A certified raised-in-the-Clinton-years ninny, to borrow a phrase from Grandpa. Just don't expect me to be the next Ken Layne or Glenn Reynolds, folks. To illustrate this issue plainly; I've been typing through an entire episode of Small Wonder and have only gotten this far (more on that crazy robot daughter later). In short: cut me some slack, Marv.

Goal#2- To set a bleak and sorry tone. That may not sound very sexy, but I tend to enjoy very sorry and dark things. A few examples: the night (it's 1:00 Am MST, time for lunch), seclusion, fevers, remote and empty spaces, "falling" dreams, Miles Davis's "electric" period (thanks to Scott McFarland) , running in blizzards, the harmonic minor scale, the Hungarian minor scale, Slayer, so on and so forth.
A few non-examples: the Cure, the Cure's fans, the plague, the Chomsky, club foot, Linkin Park (more on those clowns later), the Whole-Tone scale, Aranofsky's shit movies, Belguim --the whole lot 'em, so on and so forth.
So you can gather that we're in for a late night. But one thing's for certain; ADHD mixed with bourbon, weed and computers means: a messed up computer, some strange music and, if I'm lucky, a young Mexican bride before Dawn.

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