Sunday, January 23, 2005

Flick recommend to Sean (and to any possible readers, of course)

I watched a very good movie on video, "Breaker Morant"; an Australian film from 1980, about the true events of a controvertial military court-martial of three soldiers at the end of the Boer War in South Africa at the turn of the century. I rarely see any political movies as good as this one. You might recognize the fellow from The Equalizer in the starring role. Though I'd never heard of this flick before, it could very well be a widely known movie and I'm the dipshit that's now telling you something to the effect of; "hey, did you know that there's, like, totally religious symbolism and stuff in The Matrix, and shit?". But either way, it's a very good film, and shit.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha He Hee. If your a fan of Edward Woodward and if Christopher Lee tickles your bishops belly then check out this cult classic from the 70's, "Wicker Man." Murdering, nymphomaniac pagans rule!!! I'm thirsty. end.

TommAy said...

yeah I totally dig Ed Woodward, and the Equalizer was the SHEE-IT!! one of the last great shows, me thinks. Especially if you remember that Johnny from the Karate Kid was Mccall's son, and that guy had some classic roles in the 80's, namely "Greg" in "Just one of the guys." Thanks for the Wicker Man recommend, I'll check it out fo'sho.