Tuesday, January 25, 2005

9/11 hip hop

You've heard the term "9/11 Republican" (which could describe my politics, but I prefer "balls out as hell with Bush", since I'm not exclusively Republican). But 9/11 rappers and MC's?
Rapper Germaine Williams, aka Canibus, has joined the US Army, and, apparently, inferring from these lyrics, has gone tear-assing around the Middle East looking for "the shit."

Draft me! I wanna fight for my country Jump in a humvee and murder those monkeys! Draft me! I'm too dedicated to fail Justice must prevail

Fuckin with my freedom, leave a muh'fucker bleedin Leave 'em in pain like a infant when he teethin It's huntin season, and ya loved ones grievin...Face down, dick in the dirt, hit 'em where it hurt Make the enemy my lil' bitch in a skirt...And I'ma hold my weapon right cuz I was trained in the Corp You don't want no trouble, whole city reduced to rubble And we gon' make it happen, quick, fast, and on the double Draft me!

So who better but me, and put to sleep the enemy...Draft me, pass me the M-16...Give me a buzz cut, ask me if I give a fuck...I'm comin out blastin, military four-fashion.

This, to me, is very interesting because I actually bought a Canibus record a couple years ago after considering a recommendation from some dude telling me that "Everyone know that 'Bis got tha illest rhymes." Well, frankly, I did not know that. But I did know that was certainly about the "illest" recommendation that I'd ever received, so I took heed and bought Rip the Jacker--his newest. Then the other day I'm rapping about rap music with this dude in my department, and me, trying to sound totally informed about the "underground", bring up Canibus, and he tells me that Canibus in Iraq with the Army. I didn't believe him so I did some of my own research, while discovering the above-mentioned lyrics to a song he did in late 2001 (crude but capturing well the spirit of '01). Sure enough, he did in fact join the Army as a Calvary Reconnaisance Scout (average combat life expectancy--17 seconds) and has either been to Iraq and come home or is still deployed there currently. Amazing. Today's american military are truly our best and brightest, not in the cliche sense or the trite, ritual manner in which that phrase has been used at times in the past.

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